Tuesday, May 26

Reflections Upon The Duggar Allegations

Radical homeschoolers argue that parents ought to pull their children out of formalized academic settings and not even allow their daughters to entertain thoughts of attending college because of the numerous incidents of molestation and sexual assault that occur in the halls of learning.

Given the molestations allegations that have come out against Josh Duggar, if that is what goes on behind the close doors of the first family of homeschooling, should Christians now evaluate that form of education as well?

His own sisters are alleged to rank among his victims.

But since he was married by 20 years of age, he is not the deviant.

You are if you are not according to radical homeschoolist propaganda.

Would there be as much outrage over the Duggar allegations if these parents had not attempted to rule over their children with such an iron fist?

Seems to me your son molesting one of your daughters would be more a sign of failed parenting than if your kids kissed someone before their wedding ceremony.

Perhaps this tragic story should be taken as a warning that parents procreating at such a shocking rate don't always pay that much attention to the children whom it is claimed are loved more than the children of those parents that spawn a more manageable one to three.

No wonder the one Duggar girl got married to someone on the other side of the world. Always figured it was to get away from that crowd.

Who would have thought it would have been over something so terrible.

Mark my words.

Before it’s all over with, the Duggar that can’t keep his hands to himself will be addressing riveted crowds on the topic as to why septuagenarian singles shouldn’t even be allowed to sit with one another in church.

By Frederick Meekins