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Thursday, February 9 Examines The Decline Of Western Civilization

Overall an interesting edition as the cast is humorously upbeat despite the gloomy nature of the topic.

However, they go a bit far in placing the blame on the decline of the West on those that have not had children (the Albert Mohler you are a sinner if you have not procreated doctrine). Yet I don't remember them bashing C.S. Lewis for not having any of his own. I guess there are to be two standards: one for the ruling elite and another for the breeding masses that need to produce soldiers for the fatherland since another complaint was fewer people were enlisting in the armed forces.

Maybe motivation to die for one’s country must be sparked by the perception that one’s interests are actually at stake or more importantly that the leaders of the nation actually want to win the war. Furthermore, I don’t remember any of the Bush children volunteering for duty.

To the hosts, one is selfish if one does not keep pumping out offspring beyond the average one or two kids. While there is nothing wrong with large families, isn't it just as selfish to keep having babies without considering whether one can afford to with the expectation of everyone else picking up the bill?

I don't think it is "selfishness" to desire a reasonably comfortable standard of living that isn’t even necessarily luxurious in nature. How many children is one going to be able to afford in the current real estate environment in many regions such as the Washington Metropolitan Area where cramped houses in less than desirable neighborhoods are beginning to push past $350,000?

I don't know what these radio personalities make in terms of salary, but with these mortgages alone coupled with a tax burden in some counties I know of around here topping nearly $3000 a year, how is one then going to afford private school (as many of these Christian leaders insist upon) if one is making a lower than average salary if one is not part of the benighted leadership class, especially if one is going to adhere to the additional stricture that children are better off with the mother at home instead of being neglected or mistreated by daycare personnel?

by Frederick Meekins