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Monday, May 9

Pastor Rhetorically Denounces Parachurch Organizations

 A pastor remarked that parachurch organizations are parasite organizations. 

Parachurch organizations are generally defined as Christian entities that work outside of and/or across denominational boundaries in regards to issues that a traditional church body might not be able to. 

Some pursue this manner of ministry because the church has no place for or perhaps even outright refuses such individuals the opportunity to exercise the talents and even the spiritual gifts with which God has imbued such believers. 

More importantly, in this particular sermon, the pastor said that he has no problem forbidding those he allows to speak in the pulpit over which he exercises guardianship from addressing particular topics. 

Foremost among these he ranked the broad category of “politics”. 

From that declaration arises the conundrum from whence will a Christian formulation to these sort of issues be articulated within the church proper if groups not the church are to be just about anathematized? 

This pastor on more than one occasion let it be known he has hobnobbed with Fundamentalist luminaries such as Lee Roberson and Jack Hyles. 

So when he stated that parachurch organizations are parasite organizations, does the pastor intend to direct such hardline vitriol against The Sword Of The Lord?

By Frederick Meekins