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Wednesday, November 30

Christianity & The Modern University

An examination of competing epistemologies and a history of the divergence between the Christian and Secular approaches to knowledge and learning.

Monday, November 28

John Warwick Montgomery On The Christian Symbolism In The Chronicles Of Narnia

John Warwick Montgomery examines the Christian symbolism in The Chronicles Of Narnia. Though I have never met Dr. Montgomery, three of the classes I had through Trinity Theological Seminary were based on his lectures and books.

Part 1

Part 2

Issues Etc. Examines "Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire"

Todd Wilken examines "Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire". Though a bit pro-Potter, it is an interesting discussion and provides a perspective Christians should be aware of regardless of where they happen to be on the Potter issue.

Thursday, November 17

What Happened To Atlantis

Southwest Radio Bible Church takes a Biblical look at what happened to the Lost Continent.

The Da Vinci Hoax

Kathleen Keating of Enigma Radio interviews Carl Olson, author of The Da Vinci Hoax, exposing the fallacies in the popular novel.

FEMA Concentration Camps

Daniel Ott of The Edge discusses with Al Cuppett how New Orleans was a dry run for the New World Order.

Wednesday, November 16

Revolutionary Church Trends

Chuck Crismier of Viewpoint examines a growing trend where an increasing number of Christians are realizing their spiritual needs as the Church universal are not necessarily being met in the Church Institutional since so many of these gathering places have compromised the truth in the name of market share to develop a product of which some conclude why bother.

These sincere individuals are seeking their fellowship and teaching needs through alternative ecclesiastical formats such as house and cyber churches.

Overall interesting, but does criticize individualism too much and talks up community to too great an extent.

Issues Etc. Takes A Look At The Chronicles Of Narnia

Todd Wilken and Gene Edward Veith take a look at the upcoming cinematic adaptation of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe. This interview is at the midpoint of the episode.

Tuesday, November 15

Proverbs 1

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Christian Author Tackles Moral Tale Set On Ethically Turbulent Seas: A Review Of The Mind Siege Project By Tim LaHaye

In proclaiming truth, Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has suggested that the principles and concepts postulated on the level of more formalized expressions of thought must often be exhibited in a more literary or artistic manner in order to permeate the broader popular culture. Tim LaHaye attempts to accomplish this by taking the ideas he first elaborated in Mind Siege: The Battle For Truth and translating them into the novel The Mind Siege Project.

In The Mind Siege Project, a group of high school social studies students set on a boat trip on the Chesapeake Bay for a lesson in diversity and moral relativism. The class ends up learning that these ideas have dire consequences not considered in the more sedate setting of academic discussion.

Readers will be both amused and irritated at the hypocritical nature of contemporary understandings of tolerance as exposed by LaHaye and coauthor Bob Demoss. The shortcomings of this widespread ideology are laid bare in the group sessions where the facilitator sponsoring the field trip in the name of diversity upholds the rights of the individual when it comes to abortion but flat-out tells a student whose missionary parents were murdered overseas that they more or less got what they deserved.

The incoherence of the relativistic lifestyle is further brought home when a student is critically injured when she decides she is her own determinant of right and wrong by violating specific rules of safety set down ironically by the very teacher postulating rules do not exist.

Unlike LaHaye's other literary undertakings such as Left Behind that deal with grand cosmic events pertaining to the end of the world over which the average person has little impact whatsoever one way or the other, The Mind Siege Project provides insight into the many mindsets and perspectives one is likely to encounter in an academic setting or the workplace. Furthermore, LaHaye and Demoss are to be commended for their sympathetic portrayal of the spiritual struggle the Christian faces in walking the line between desiring the acceptance of one's peers and the obligation to take a stand for the Lord without regard for the impact upon one's own popularity for doing so.

However, the authors do go overboard in this tale of adventure set on the high seas in insinuating it is somehow a Christian's obligation to donate bodily organs to people little more than strangers or at best mere acquaintances. Such is not really a moral claim one can propagate as an ethical imperative to impose upon the remainder of the Christian community unless one has, shall we say, already given of themselves in this manner. How many kidneys have you given away, Dr. LaHaye?

From The Mind Siege Project, readers will take away the lesson that not everyone is always as they appear to be and that it's not always the quiet people you have to be leery of.

Copyright 2005 by Frederick Meekins

Controversial Pastor Bashes C.S. Lewis

"Mystery Babylon"

Chuck Crismier of Viewpoint examines the various meanings of Babylon both as a geographical location and as a spiritual state of mind.

Monday, November 14

Vatican Sides With Darwinists Over Fundamentalists

If we are not to accept Genesis as written, then why should we accept Peter as the foundation upon which Christ built His church, the Scriptural justification invoked by Romanists to justify the papacy?

Friday, November 11

Cultic Infiltration Of The Church

Southwest Radio Bible Church interviews June Summers who details in the form of a novel how cultic doctrines infiltrated the church she attended. She describes how things got so out of hand that the church endorsed wife-swapping.

P.I.D. Radio Interviews Author Of "The Ahirman Gate"

Derek & Sharon Gilbert interview Tom Horn of Raiders News about his novel The Ahirman Gate. Not only is the program interesting from the standpoint of this novel that ties together the issues of genetic engineering, UFO's, and Bible Prophecy but the author relays how these kinds of matters have actually impacted his family in their everyday lives.


Issues Etc examines the various kinds of Satanism and notes the distinction between those that view Satan as an actual spiritual being and those as more of a symbol for man's baser desires.

Wednesday, November 9

Home School Leader Claims Little House On The Praire Plants Seeds Of Lesbianism

While I am quite conservative, Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio has me beat in that it is his contention that The Little House On The Praire books plant the seeds of lesbianism in that, I suppose, Laura did not submit enough to Almanso.

Friday, November 4

Purpose Driven Church Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

Stanely Montieth of Radio Liberty interviews Dr. Noah Hutchings of Southwest Radio Bible Church about the Pupose Driven and Church Growth Phenomena. From the discussion, the listener learns these movements are not as open and loving as they are often made out to be.

Tuesday, November 1