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Friday, June 14

Reading As Spiritual Practice

Are Aliens & UFO’s Real?

Saving The Church From Wokeness With Calvin Robinson

Is The Largest Presbyterian Denomination In America About To Split Again?

Journey Into & Out Of Calvinism

Social Justice Cancel Culture Alive & Well In The Presbyterian Church In America

Theology Of UFO’s

Artificial Intelligence & Being Human

Belief In UFO’s: Collective Vision Or Objective Reality?

The Sovereignty Of Stealth Calvinism

How To Spot & Avoid Calvinistic Manipulation

Friday, June 7

AI Extinction

Coffee Talk: Quiet For Us & Episcopal Monks

Anglican Church of North America Bishop Accuses Calvin Robinson Of Demonic Possession

Why Apologetics?

UFO Religions Explained

Questions On Artificial Intelligence, UFO’s & Church Attendance

Apologetics & The Academia

What Are Reformed Baptists?

Are Christian Denominations Serving Up Word Salad?

The Eschatological Dark Side Of Transhumanism & Biological Enhancement

The Lonely Apologist

An Evangelical & An Episcopal Priest Discuss Theology At A Mainline Episcopal Church

A Religious Study Of UFO’s & Non-Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, Atheism 3.0, & The New Religion Of Transhumanism

Extraterrestrial Minister

Wednesday, June 5

Norman Geisler: From Illiterate To Apologist

Reasons For A Well Built Life

Don’t Play With The Occult

How Calvinism Destroys The Christian Faith

The Arrival Of Nietzsche's Supermen & A World Without God

Deconstruction: The Disturbing Movement You Need To Know About

Norman Geisler: “Not Qualified”

Why Study Theology?

False Teachers Brining Occult Into The Church

Lutheran Hierarchs Excommunicate Lutheran For Doing The Exact Kind Of Thing Luther Did

Lutheran Hierarchs Excommunicate Lutheran For Doing The Exact Kind Of Thing Luther Did

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G.K Chesterton, Poetry & Joyful Catholicism

How To Discern Your Vocation