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Friday, December 23

"But God Told Me..."

Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio takes a look at a cult that claims God told them to starve one of their children to death.

Tuesday, December 20

The Differences Between Narnia & Harry Potter

Kevin Swanson examines the differences between these two fantasy universes.

Christianity & Cartoons

A Lutheran pastor analyzes cartoons (primarily the Simpsons) and why a Christian can enjoy this form of programming,

Tuesday, December 13

Monday, December 12

The Theology Of C.S. Lewis

Issues Etc. takes a look at what C.S. Lewis believed. This episode does an admirable job of examining what was both good and bad in the thought of this pivotal thinker.

Wednesday, December 7

A Counter Perspective To The Chronicles Of Narnia Hype

Here is a link to a sermon to provide a counter perspective to all the Narnia hype. The purpose of this apologetics site, is after all, to provide as much access to information as possible.

Focus On The Family Interviews Douglas Gresham, Stepson Of C.S. Lewis

"Entering The World Of Narnia Through Film"

Focus On The Family examines the pending film.

St. Nicholas & Good & Evil In The Chronicles Of Narnia

Issues Etc takes a look at the real St. Nicholas and C.S. Lewis' approach to Good and Evil in The Chonicles of Narnia.

Monday, December 5

Introduction To Narnia

Truths That Transform takes a look at the Chronicles of Narnia & C.S. Lewis.

Friday, December 2

"Surviving The Secular College"

Bob and Jerri Boyd interview an insightful coed about how at many colleges forbid the Bibles as an academic sourse by it is mandatory for students to purchase a Koran.

The Church Of Oprah

Albert Mohler takes a look at the spirituality of Oprah Winfrey and the impact of her beliefs on Ameria.

He does, in the beginning however, drones on about deliberate childlessness (one of his favorite whipping boys) and how the procreative status of one's marriage is the church's business.

Thursday, December 1

"One Nation Under Which God?": Truths That Transform

Historian William Federer Examines how religious neutrality is not quite as neutral as the likes of the ACLU have led us to believe.

Part 1

Part 2