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Thursday, April 18

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Tuesday, April 16

Parental Leftwingers Even More Bent On Shielding Children From Narratives They Deem Offensive

 An episode of the podcast Homebrewed Christianity examined religious children's literature written from a progressive perspective.

One of the authors interviewed lamented that even children's Bibles contained a description of the Crucifixion and how the account gripped her son's imagination.

But frankly, isn't that the point of the Bible in the first place?

It is amazing how tastefully describing the death of Jesus will irrevocably harm a young mind but death throughout the Harry Potter series is celebrated as a literary tool through which the young can come to grips with the most terrifying of the universal truths.

On an episode of the podcast Homebrewed Christianity, Brian McLaren was interviewed about his children's book “Cory and the Seventh Story”.

In the course of the interview, one of the hosts, who confessed that she did not want her child exposed to many aspects of the faith with which she had been raised, remarked that her child refused to read anything that contained exclusively male imagery, did not contain homosexual characters, or wreaked of the penal substitutionary atonement.

In other words, it is acceptable for a religious leftist to indoctrinate her children in her particular theological perspective.

However, Hell will be raised (ironic given the extent to which these progressive sorts tend to rail against the existence of a realm of eternal torment) if traditionalist parents intend to do the same with their own progeny.

Does this deluded mother think that censoring the truth from her child that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and that payment for that sin is found only in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ is going to forever prevent that child from having to confront one of these realities that is best realized in this life rather than spending forever in eternity never having done so?

By Frederick Meekins

Thursday, April 4

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