Friday, May 15

Overly Stringent Requirements Chase Away Potential Members

To a number of Christians, it is not enough to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

One is also obligated to become a formalized member of an organized congregation.

Then perhaps the requirements to join should not be so strenuous for some of them.

It might be one thing to ask the aspirant to renounce their sins and to give when they can.

However, there seems to be nothing in the pages of Scripture where one is required to join a “growth group” and to volunteer an hour a week to the church.

If you are attending the Sunday Service, that ought to be considered the hour that you are contributing.

Furthermore, isn't it challenging enough for the socially awkward and anxious to come to a neutral centralized meeting place?

I am sure as Sheol as part of these growth groups not going to the home of people I barely know to areas where I know next to nothing about the off site or on street parking.

Furthermore, isn't it enough for someone to confess that they believe in Christ for the remission of sins?

Should membership be contingent upon how dramatic or shocking one's past life testimony happens to be?

Joining a church should not have to be an audition for American Idol or some other reality series.

By Frederick Meekins