Wednesday, May 13

Are Sloppy Homiletics An Acceptable Mother's Day Gift?

A pastor praised the Baltimore mother that slapped her son for participating in the riots.

From the pulpit, the minister announced that this woman should be nominated as mother of the year.

But wasn't what we witnessed more a last ditch effort to interdict a lifestyle of failed parenting?

To remain consistent, shouldn't a minister that just a week or two before suggesting that Bruce Jenner is mentally screwed up because of the increasing number of women that wear pants not lift up as the ideal Proverbs 31 mother someone that has birthed multiple children outside of marriage by as many men and who is covered with tattoos?

As part of a mother's day sermon, a pastor condemned young women for not knowing how to cook from scratch.

Where is it detailed in the Scripture that meals must be prepared from scratch and cannot be out of a can as ridiculed in the pastor's snide comment regarding Chef Boyardee?

If a pastor is going to hold women up to such an impossible standard, is he adept at what would be considered manchores such as gutting his own livestock or even auto repair?

Shouldn't someone that lives in an apartment complex where the staff handles the yardwork and maintenance be reluctant about criticizing other basic tasks no longer completed as they were in the 1800's?

By Frederick Meekins