Monday, May 18

Pastoral Ego Nearly As Large As The Political

A pastoral round table discussion posted at SermonAudio as part of the News & Focus program of the Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina snidely remarked that Mike Huckabee was only running for president to acquire additional name recognition and that he had no chance of winning.

The analysis is correct.

However, it elicits a number of additional observations.

I'm not really much of a Huckabee fan.

I just don't really care for candidates that insist that the government should track the weight of your children for national security reasons when some of their own offspring from an official family photo look like they top the 300 pound mark.

However, according to these pastors, are we to take away the impression that whether or not we attempt something should be predicated upon the possibility of earthly success?

Secondly, which of the candidates isn't running for name recognition in the form of the prestigious positions or lucrative book deals and speaking engagements that will accumulate at the end of the campaign trail?

What in life is not done for name recognition?

On an episode of Futurama, it was joked that all of civilization was just an attempt to impress the opposite sex.

When you come down to it, one of the primary reasons human beings procreate is so that your name will continue after you are dead.

Name recognition, in part, is why people get involved in ministry.

Sure, there is a deeply spiritual motivation to spread the Gospel.

However, if that is the only reason, why did the church posting this podcast attach its name to the file as well as those of the participating pastors?

By Frederick Meekins