Wednesday, August 20

Southern Baptists Descend Into Deeper Religious Fanaticism

The Southern Baptist Convention has handed down that ecclesiastical association’s equivalent of an edict or papal bull demanding the youth in their midst now wed at younger ages.

Apparently, little consideration is to be given as to whether or not the couple can actually afford to do so.

Speaking in defense of the decree to USA Tolday, Pastor Jon Akin of Lebanon, Tennessee said of the Southern Baptist Convention’s previous teaching before the fanatics took over that a couple should wait to marry until they have reached a level of financial security, “What we've communicated to our young people is finances are more important than sexual sin, and the Bible seems to say the exact opposite of that."

The previous doctrine does nothing of the sort.

If the pastor does not have the guts to put the fear of God in the youth regarding venereal diseases, unplanned pregnancies, and shattered hearts, that is not the fault of delaying gratification.

And if the youngsters can’t keep it in their pants until they can afford a down payment or a security deposit, that is their own fault.

Contrary to beatnik ditties, you do need more than love.

So who is supposed to provide for these whelps?

I guess we are expected to dig into our pockets, as we are in regards to the missionaries to the pygmies, and empty the contents of our wallets to finance yet additional foolhardy undertakings.

And as in the case of Ann Coulter, these fanatics will likely damn to the edge of Hell anyone suggesting that those wanting to marry should pay their own way in life.

By Frederick Meekins