Wednesday, August 20

Episcopal Archbishop Categorizes The Property Imperative As Original Sin

In an address regarding the future of preaching in which it was suggested that the homiletical task is not about inflicting shame or guilt, Episcopal Archbishop Katherine Schori suggests that the original sin of today is not so much about the deformed spiritual nature each of us receives as a result of our descent from Adam but rather about consumeristic hoarding.

Yet isn’t she head of one of the denominations particularly noted for its ornate property holdings and highly decorated vestments?

You don’t usually pick those garments off the rack at the thrift store.

In her speech, the Archbishop condemned particularly the tendency to protect our stuff.

So if a few greedy Baptists or jealous Catholics decide they just want to up and swipe things out of an Episcopal church, will the Archbishop simply turn the other cheek?

It can be argued that “Thou shalt not steal” codifies as fundamental divine law the right to protect mere “stuff” from those to whom it does not belong.

by Frederick Meekins