Thursday, August 14

Evangelical Elites Aroused Over Coulter's Missionary Position

A number of prominent Christian leaders are as outraged as Dana Carvey's Saturday Night Live Church Lady over Ann Coulter's remarks regarding the medical missionaries contracting ebola in darkest Africa.

Ann Coulter's remarks regarding missionaries weren't that far off the mark.

Those engaged in that particular form of ministry often get by with things that would never be allowed on the part of average mundane pewfillers.

For example, some of the throbbing neck vein pulpit firebrands that drone on and on how ungodly church bookstores and garage sales or flea markets are don't give second thought when allowing missionaries to hawk books and tapes as congregant walk by them on the way out the church door.

Coulter pretty much hit the nail on the head in asking why can't Christians serve God in America any more.

For example, I went from kindergarten through 12th grade in a Christian school setting.

A considerable number of foreign missionaries were brought in to speak to the students.

I can't recall any one being brought in to discuss how a Christian worldview could be applied here in America in culturally relevant areas such as mass communications, public service, or business.

Granted, assorted orations in honor of Ben Carson were held each February even way back then.

However, these exhortations were lifted up more so simply because he was Black for it is doubtful his medical aptitude would have been mentioned at all if he had not been born a politically correct hue.

Given the state of healthcare here, where many financially struggle or are even go bankrupt to obtain it, why don't more Christian organizations conduct such outreach on behalf of their own countrymen?

By Frederick Meekins