Wednesday, April 22

To What Extent Should A Child Be Compelled To Surrender Property To Those To Whom They Feel No Compulsion?

A Christianity Today article ponders to what extent should a child be compelled to share their possessions with those to whom they do not feel such a desire.

This is a valid concern.

One might say my grandparents were, literally, generous to a fault.

From an era in which one seldom questioned authority if you wanted to be considered an acceptable Christian, they would often pressure my mom to give away what few possessions that their borderline poverty family could afford.

To this day, this still hurts my mom emotionally when she is feeling down.

Especially when so many of those this generosity was extended to ended up not giving the proverbial damn about either my grandparents or my mother.

It is refreshing to see Christianity Today will still publish a rare conservative perspective occasionally.