Thursday, April 16

Should Church Members Submit To Pastoral Interrogations?

In an interview on Generation’s Radio, Albert Martin --- former pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Montville, New Jersey --- elaborated fondly that over the course of his ministry there that it was the practice to inflict upon the members of the congregation an annual inspection in their homes.

During this interrogation, he would gather intelligence as to the spiritual state of the occupants. His interlocutories would assess areas such devotional life, quality of marriage, and the extent to which the residents were “integrated” into the church.

And what if a church member refuses to allow a member of church leadership into their home?

So long as a member is not bedding someone other than their mate, leaving bruises on a spouse, or does not themselves instigate a request for assistance from the church, is the state of your marriage or what goes on in your home really any of the pastor’s business?

by Frederick Meekins