Wednesday, July 2

In addressing the issue of church leadership, homeschool activist Kevin Swanson rhetorically inquired in his 7/1/2004 podcast if female bloggers are running the church. Technically, unless the blogger is on the church payroll or holding a formalized position within the ministry, how can she be accused of leading the church? The only way that can occur is if the pastor is negligent somehow in the execution of his ministerial duties in terms of either being too lenient or in a growing number of instances perhaps even too strident. As someone in the congregation as either a member or frequent attender, anyone (either male or female) can use the technology available to them to speak out as to what is transpiring in the public ceremonies, liturgy, or doctrinal teaching taking place within the assembly. To say otherwise is to introduce a procedural gnosticism leading to the festering of a cultic atmosphere potentially leading to the harm of both soul and body. And if you are going to be that secretive, don’t go complaining about how the Mormons and the Masons run things so secretively.