Wednesday, July 23

In defense of a strident understanding of predestinarian soteriology, a meme has been posted on social media pointing out that a sheep cannot become a goat and a goat cannot become a sheep because they are born that way. If this holds true, what is the point of discussing religion whatsoever other than to preen about like a peacock strutting one’s theological erudition and ecclesiastical finery? For with the exception of the Transhumanists, no one goes around advocating why one ought to alter one’s inherent ontology. Of course, you will find those mesmerized by their own doctrinal navals that parrot that God predestinates the means as well as the ends. Those holding that one is bestowed a degree of choice in determining one eternal destiny are often accused of idolatry. However, if the Calvinist hegemony holds true, isn’t the retort against free will itself an even greater act of idolatry? For its basic assumption, if clerics holding to it are going to continue to berate their co-religionists on the grounds of insufficient evangelistic zeal, that God’s sovereign choice can somehow be thwarted by His minions failing or refusing to implement it.