Friday, July 11

Has Handout Mentality Penetrated Dallas Theological Seminary?

A Dallas Theological Seminary podcast tackled the issue of Emerging Adulthood.

That is the phenomena where many youth do not assume all of the responsibilities of adulthood all at once but rather over a span of time that can extend into the 30’s.

In reflecting, one of the seminarians remarked how in his own life as soon as graduating from Biola he set out straight to Texas to embark on his ministry.

Essential to his own success were regular checks from his church COMMUNITY.

Instead of simply offering a statement of gratitude, the seminarian went on to lament how this practice was no longer usually the case.

Why should it be?

Most people are struggling financially on their own to keep their heads above water.

On what grounds are those that are in jobs or occupations that they might not care for obligated to turn hard-earned money over to an Evangelical Christian equivalent of a shiftless beatnik meandering about trying to “find themselves” or are unwilling to lift a finger on their own until landing in their dream job?

Shouldn’t church money or money from church people instead go to those enduring ACTUAL hardships?

By Frederick Meekins