Sunday, February 21

Brian McLaren Equates Religious Conservatives With Plague Needing To Be Eradicated

The ironic thing that the sort of socialist reforms McLaren any other time advocates for would also require a dictatorship to implement.

Apparently he is appalled at White authoritarians, but not a single word about minority hooligans burning down or looting the property of those that they disagree with.

In his analysis, McLaren hypothesizes that women that voted for Trump did so out of fear of abusive husbands.

So does he intend to also condemn women that coerce men into going along with feminist drivel out of fear of being cateogrized as abusive?

In his remarks, McLaren reflects upon the tendency of authoritarian movements to need some sort of enemy to rally their cause around.

Perhaps someone needs to point out how he himself is doing this in regards to Trump and the amorphous boogeyman of “systematic racism” which is alleged to be everywhere and which no one can define.