Monday, July 4

Baptist Functionary Suggests Popularity A Standard In Culpability

In a podcast, Southern Baptist intellectual Albert Mohler praised the conviction of former House Speaks Dennis Hastert on assorted financial manipulation charges resulting from little more than withdrawing below a certain amount of his own funds in the attempt to avoid triggering certain reporting mechanisms.

Mohler said the case is an example of the principle of your sins finding you out. The funds were part of a coverup linked to carnal improprieties Hastert allegedly took with the underaged decades ago.

Interesting how Mohler lets things slides by when his pal C.J. Mahaney was involved in a similar scandal.

Of the pastor that ought to be disgraced, Mohler heralded Mahaney as one of the great Evangelical leaders of the 21st century.

Given that Mohler seems to indicate that leniency should be extended to Mahaney because as Mohler declared at a pastor's conference attended by both of them that Mahaney has “10,000 friends”, one must ask would Mohler side with Barabass over Jesus?

By Frederick Meekins