Saturday, May 21

Baptist Church Opposed To Old Glory Has Pro Wrestler Address Student Body

On its SermonAudio page, Berean Baptist Church of Fayetteville, North Carolina uploaded a discussion on the use of social media facilitated by professional wrestler Brad Cain.

Admittedly, I have enjoyed professional wrestling from time to time over the course of my life and don't really know much about this individual.

But it must be pointed out that any other time this church is so wrapped up in practicing its religion 24/7 that the leadership denounces Christians that enunciate a strong devotion to or respect for the American flag.

But apparently it is acceptable to watch professional wrestling.

Just don't root for Sgt. Slaughter or Hacksaw Jim Duggan while doing so.

Both SermonAudio and Berean Baptist Church seem to have little problem with promoting a doctrinal schizophrenia

For example, in his remarks, Brad Cain announced his own practice of “social media free Sundays” as if such a custom made him holier than thou.

Yet according to his Wikipedia entry, Cain has played a homosexual as part of his ringside persona.

One would think that would upset God a bit more than if you check Facebook.

Elsewhere on the SermonAudio website, there are diatribes passing as Biblical exegesis insinuating that your daughter will possibly become a lesbian if she enjoys Little House On The Prairie or the town tramp if she is allowed to leave the house in pursuit of a college education or even premarital employment.

If the response is that ministries enjoy the discretion and Christian liberty to upload from a wide range of perspectives, just say something positive about Catholicism even if you don't agree with that system in its entirety and see how long your account remains active on the site.

By Frederick Meekins