Tuesday, February 24

To What Extent Should Wheaton Punish An Apostate Graduate?

In opposition to Rob Bell's support of homosexuality, the hosts of Generation's Radio suggested that Wheaton College (the school from which Bell graduated) should do more than simply stop selling the apostate's works in the campus bookstore.

Instead, the university should revoke Bell's degree and hold a book burning.

Is that the direction American's ought to take cultural disagreement in this country?

Should similar policies also be applied to those holding to explicitly conservative religious positions?

For example, the host Kevin Swanson holds a degree in engineering from a secular university.

Should it be revoked not for reasons of academic corruption but rather on the grounds of his opposition to wanton debaucheries such as gay marriage or upholding orthodox Christian belief such as those pertaining to the divinity of Christ?

By Frederick Meekins