Thursday, June 12

Southern Baptist Seminarian Overreacts To The Rise Of Alternative Information Delivery Systems

Concern was expressed by Albert Mohler on his 8/8/13 podcast regarding the increasing amount of time the average person is spending in front of an electronic screen consuming content such as digital media.

Given that Mohler's program is primarily available through this particular medium, it is ironic that he would raise this complaint.

Should the discerning Christian cut back on this renowned seminarian's program if it is not so much quality of the screen time we are to be concerned with rather than quality?

As part of his argument, Mohler quotes from theologian Jacques Ellul who argued that, once a technology enters our lives, it begins to take them over.

Would Dr. Mohler have made such a complaint about the printing press and the revolution in information made available by the proliferation of economically approved.

Back then, it was also argued that works disseminated in that fashion would undermine authorities and put knowledge in the hands of those not deemed qualified to handle it.

But most importantly, without the printed word, would the Protestantism (of which Albert Mohler is one of the movement's most prominent contemporary spokesmen and thinkers) have blossomed into a viable expression of the Christian tradition?

By Frederick Meekins