Friday, May 2

But Is Racism As Bad As It Use To Be?

In a Facebook status update, columnist Cal Thomas suggested that conservatives should “stop aligning themselves with racists and nutcase(s).”

Thomas omitted the “s” from “nutcase”.

So should he mockingly be asked if he went to public school as he does to others that fumble their words or make grammatical flubs?

Granted. I often make similar typos.

However, all I am or ever will likely ever be is a blogger, a wordsmith in a class Thomas has repeatedly expressed contempt for for taking attention (and thus revenue from his pocket) of establishmentarian media outlets.

Thomas' advice does ring with validity. However, what is defined as a racist or a nutcase is continually being redefined by the liberal elite.

No longer are the racists we are to separate ourselves from those burning crosses on their victims lawns. Now, according to, condemnation should be heaped upon you if you limit your ethnic preferences on a dating website.

In another incident, one likely Obama voter and Trayvonite sympathizer went proverbial ape excrement on a White restaurant owner demanding free service as compensation for slavery.

As to a concern about associating with nutcases, should Christians distance themselves from religious doctrines that seem perfectly acceptable to that particular profession of faith such as monogamous heterosexual marriage or the divinity of Christ that both baffle and infuriate the world?

For daring to enunciate a run of the mill analysis of atheism that could have been endorsed by nearly any monotheistic religion, I was in essence told by one Tea Party group that I would be kicked out the door if I ever again verbalized such theological bigotry.

by Frederick Meekins