Monday, October 31

Southern Baptists Contend It A Christian Obligation To Have More Than Two Children

In this interview, Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Seminary and social commentator Ben Wattenberg discuss how it is a Christian obligation to have more than two children.

Guess maybe they know more than the Bible since from my reading of the sacred text there is a little thing called Christian liberty counselled in such matters.

One guest tells the host he only wants one child. The host reponds he encourages him to rethink the matter. And what if he does and comes to the same conclusion?

From my understanding, Albert Mohler has two children. Does this mean he is in a state of sin for not living up to the standard insisted upon by his own radio program and seminary underling or is this a typical example of the elites propagting two sets of standards --- one for themselves and another they expect us dimwitted regular folks to abide by?

By Frederick Meekins